Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Barbie took us tubing on the lake, last week they discovered a dock that the girls had a blast on. So this time she brought me along to show me all the fun.

Sam went and we tried to knock him off. It took a l-o-n-g time cuz he's buff like that.

Ally got bored. Who knows what she was doing?

Jess and Andie got a turn. Andrea loved it but after a while her arms got tired.

Andie swimming.

We got to the dock and put the tube in the middle. They went the week before without me, so when we got there and set things up Barbie warned me. "Now Apryl, what your girls are about to do might make you a little worried and nervous." That cued Ally who then jumped off the dock onto the tube. It did make my heart beat a little faster, but then Andie jumped. She hit the very edge of the tube and slipped into the water. Of course, thanks to the life jacket, she popped back up but I definitely was worried then. I wouldn't get in the water until someone relieved me of watching them.

Ally took her turn at "swimming"

Can you see why it would make me just a little nervous?

Then we headed back. Sweet Barbie let Ally drive and she had a good time doing it!

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