Thursday, July 22, 2010

One of favorite places on Earth

We went to the Hunsaker Family Reunion in Alpine, Wyoming. We had such a good time and there were so many people there. Jeremy's uncle and aunt flew in from Virginia to see their two sons that live in Utah and they drove up to attend. Jeremy's sister and her husband came, and of course Jeremy's aunt and her family always come.
Jonas thought he was hot stuff climbing the dog kennel. I'm sure Aggie was freaking out wondering if he would be crushed by Jonas' 23 pounds.

We went swimming down at the lake. That's what we call it. To everyone else it's Palisades Reservoir. Ally had to test the water before she got in.

Jonas was NOT of fan of the chilly water. So after a test to see how he would react.....

....he happily spent the rest of the time sitting in his car seat watching us swim.

Here are the girls with their cousin Reed throwing rocks.

Earlier in the year Jeremy cut down a dead tree, so what do you do with all the wood???
Bonfire, of course!

And we can't forget the many trips down the Snake river. We stopped in Champagne to let a bunch of cousins jump off a cliff. Holding hands was a must for Malone, Red, Jeremy and Barbie.

While some of the older folk went down the river, (yes I'm considered one of the older folk.)
We inflated the pools and let the younger folk swim. It is a rule in our family that you have to be 8 to go down the river. Jonas would still not get in the water. It is water from the well and that is some cold water!

There was also sprinkler jumping.

Jeremy's uncle Hy rented a horse and gave the kiddos each a ride. They love it!

Then off to the races! Both Ally and Andie placed 3rd in their age categories!

Jonas won 1st place in his race. He LOVES his great aunt Billie. Every single time she walked in the room he would make a b-line for her. Even if I had food.
So when it was time to race I knew who I would put on the other side. He did pause during the race to look over at the other racers but then he remembered Billie and off he went.

Can you just see how excited that boy was to get to his Aunt Billie!

Jeremy had a HUGE sharpie marker and throughout the reunion he would randomly draw lines and marks on people. So we all got him back! He put up a struggle at first but realized it was inevitable that he was going to get drawn on so relented and let us have our fun.
I so can't wait for next year!

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Maryann said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting!! I love your reunion pictures!!