Saturday, October 9, 2010

Horses Horses Horses Horses

Okay so it's just one horse, but that's all it takes to have some fun! I got a phone call while I was waiting in line to pick up my kids from school from my sister and her husband. They asked if we wanted to ride around on one of their horses. Um, yeah!
Honestly, I'm a little afraid of horses. I rode one a couple years ago and it's just too big of an animal for me to control. I remember riding my grandpa's horses when I was a little girl and having a blast. Now, I'm just intimidated. So I sent Jonas with McKenzie. He loved riding it but when we had him in the bed of their truck and the horse came near he didn't love that as much.

Kenzie is taking Andie around, she really liked it, but there was a playground right beside where we were and she was constantly looking at it longingly. So needless to say, she was a bit distracted.

Allyson had a blast, she kept asking to go again. You can't tell very well but Kenzie had Oreo (her horse) trotting.

Thanks Kenz and Jake for an awesome afternoon!

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