Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 years already???

“The trick, my brethren and sisters, is to enjoy the journey, traveling hand in hand, in sunshine and storm, as companions who love one another." ~~~President Gordon B Hinckley

It's funny how things are in life. Today is Jeremy's and my anniversary. Number 10 to be exact and if I take it day by day it seems slow going but thinking back by years, it seems like it's just flown by. I still remember going on our first date, (we went to go see Titanic, I made him take me) and I told him for our anniversary I wanted to watch Titanic again. Luckily he knew I was kidding and got us both massages at a spa down in South Ogden. It was a surprise. He planned everything in advance. Got a sitter for the boys (Thank you Barbie!) and asked my mom to pick up the girls from school. Golly gee, I love that man!!!

I look back on our life and what we have accomplished, what we've been through, all our trials and blessings. Everything that has made our life what it is now. Sometimes Jeremy and I daydream of what it would be like to have the knowledge we have now and put it in our 20-year-old bodies. We could invest money in stocks, real estate and other such things and be millionaires by now. We could write books on our experiences, we could talk ourselves OUT of buying the huge suburban that turned out to be a lemon. We would still have rockin' bodies! No baby belly pooch for me, Yay! But alas, that is only wishful thinking. In 10 more years we will be wishing that we knew what we do when we were our age now. So life goes....

The kids and I watched some home movies while Jeremy had to work today and it brought back a flood of memories. Our first apartment we spent more then 3 months in, our trips, our house when we first moved into it. Looking at how much we've changed physically. 19 years old is just way to young to get married, I seriously looked like I was 15 years old. (Kids of mine you are not allowed to even date until you are 35!) I could have watched those videos for hours but the growling stomachs of my girls and "peese" Jonas was saying over and over forced me to turn it off and go make dinner.

Thanks, Jeremy, for loving me through thick and thin. For being the most amazing dad to 4 of the luckiest kids in the world. Thanks for putting up with all my nerdy weirdness. For dealing with, helping out, and loving my side of the family. For bringing me in to and letting me love yours. Thank you Jeremy for being a shoulder for me to cry on and a best friend to laugh with. You have made me the happiest wife in the whole world and I love your guts!

Here's to the next 10 years, love.


Beth said...

Ahhh! That is just too sweet!

Congrats on the big 10

Cullis Family said...

Congratulations on celebrating your 10 year wedding anniversary.

Emily said...

Congrats! Wow, you were so young! Funny how you don't feel any different isn't it? :)

Chelsea said...

Awe. Happy anniversary. :)

Michael and Tiffany said...

I have to agree that you look way too young to be married - It is always hard to believe that that is you guys whenever I see that pic.