Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get the Party Started

In no particular order....
Presents. She got this play-doh factory (shown below), tights, a bracelet with her name on it, Star Crunches, a barbie washing machine, a barbie bed. Some $ Make-up barbie. A Go-fishin' game but with jewels instead of fish. Bed sheets, Littlest Pet Shop puppy. A ball, jump rope, sun catchers. A bag, crayons, activity book, PEZ dispenser. And a Fairy Barbie. I say she made out well.

Andrea had a party with a few friends. We had pizza, decorated cupcakes, opened presents, and played around.

She chose a barbie cake with a poodle ring. Barbie's dress lights up as well. I just got 1/8 of a cake and when I picked it up it looked tiny so I brought leftover cupcakes. The cake turned out just the perfect amount with a little bit of ice cream.
Andie wanted to bring Lunchables to school on her birthday, but then we later found out that she had no school, as it was teacher prep day. So we picnicked in the front room.
Last summer, Aunt Billie taught them a new game. Don't Eat Pete. This is our quick homemade version of the game.
Why are balloons so fascinating to all children?

The Sunday after her birthday we got with some cousins and had a pinata. This one I made stronger but the bottom stretched a bit. So I did another layer and stuck it in the sun to dry. The sun expanded the balloon and caused it to burst through the wet newspaper. It made a HUGE hole. Luckily the hole at the top was small. So I flipped it upside down, duct taped the original hole and decorated. It's meant to be a tutu of sorts. They actually broke this one before it fell off the string. I'ma learnin'!


Cullis Family said...

I've heard lots about 'Don't Eat Pete' think I'll have to google it so we can play it!

CC said...

Looks like she had an amazing birthday-next time we are around I'll have to have the girls teach me how to play Don't Eat Pete!