Saturday, March 19, 2011

Girls Week

This week was girls week at school. The girls were SO excited!
They started Monday off with face painting. Andie got stars and swirls.

Ally got a dolphin.

Tuesday was Minute to Win it during lunch.
Wednesday was ice cream after lunch.
Thursday was 10 extra minutes during afternoon break.
Friday was girls eat first at lunch.
Friday was also grandparents day for all the 1st graders. Nanna came to the school and listened to a short program where they sang a few songs. They ate lunch together and Ally showed her her classroom and the playground. Friday night was mother-daughter night at The Peak.

They had a zip line the girls had to try.
Moms had to be at the end of the zip line to catch their girls.
Andie playing on the long rings...
and playing in the tunnels.
Ally playing on the short rings...
and climbing the rope.
Then they raced an optical course.
Then Andie played on the bars.
Ally had to try it out.
There was so many people and the girls were so excited I spent 1/2 the night searching for them in amongst everything and everyone. They had so much fun, they've already asked to go back 6 times and it hasn't even been a day. After so much playing we took a break and had root beer floats. I had such a good time just playing with my girls.
(My apologies for the spots on the pictures. My camera lens had gunk on it and I couldn't get it off)


Cullis Family said...

Girls week at school looks like so much fun!!

Jake ♥ Kenzie said...

How fun!! The pic of Andie hanging over the bar is kinda funny, hee hee

Michael and Tiffany said...

That sounds like the perfect girl week. Glad you got to join in the fun too-