Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Jonas turned two. He got lots of presents that he loves a lot.

His favorite is Thomas the Tank Engine so I tried to theme it around him. I kept it simple. Here he is partaking of his Thomas cake!

When I brought it to him for him to blow out the candles he just wanted to grab Thomas off and play with him. His dad ended up blowing out the candles. Silly kid.

Then we had a pinata that I made. When we have lots of kids and a bat it can get a little crazy so I decided to make a pull tie one. You hang lots of curling ribbon but only the when the right ribbon is pull will the trap-door open and the goodies will come out. Plus you can reuse it! He got to watch Thomas all day and thoroughly enjoyed his birthday (as much as a 2-year-old can)

Then 3 days later his dad had a birthday! We hung out all day then shopped a bit and he and I made rouladen mit spaezle und rotkohl, and since the U.S. doesn't sell fausbrausse we had apple beer. Mmmmm I'm drooling just thinking about it all. Then we had key lime pie for his birthday dessert.

That Saturday he got to go to Logan to watch the blue and white game and there he met and shook hands with a Superbowl champion, Jarrett Bush.
(He didn't have the camera but someone else took a picture and he was in the background so there is proof that he was there)

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

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