Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mother's Day

Yes, I am very much aware that Father's Day is this Sunday but I neglected to post about Mother's Day so you get to hear about me. I enjoyed my mother's day. Woke up bright and early to feed my rollie-pollie little boy. Was greeted by my little guy with a big ole grin and forced my girlies to get out of bed with only minor moans and groans of "I'm tired".

After I did everyone's hair, my most wonderful husband gave me my gift. Delicious raspberry yogurt covered pretzels and my final missing piece to my necklace. He started it 4 years ago for mother's day with my two girls together, and then as each boy has joined our family. I'm talking about my rings. Little, tiny, minuscule rings that could barely fit halfway down my 5 1/2 pound newborn's pinkie finger.

This is James' ring that I just got.

I have one for each of my children. The stones represent the month in which they were born. Honestly, I'm not into the birthstone thing but when Jeremy gave me these I fell in love with them.

Allyson, Andrea, Jonas and James

I wear them constantly. They remind me that I'm a mother, true blue, through and through. It is the hardest and best job out there. Just when you think you can't take it anymore your 2-year-old climbs up to cuddles with you. Or your 6 and 7-year-olds try to make a romantic dinner for you and dad. (They are making deviled eggs at this very moment) or your 7-month-old gives you the cheesiest grin as you walk past him to get the laundry. I have to stop for a moment from my busy life to remember that these moments that happen are gone as fast as they come. That they are fleeting. The phrase "this too shall pass" doesn't just apply to trial and bad times but to good times too. I need to cherish every moment, savor every "I love you", and adore every "mom, watch me".

Now excuse me, my adorable 2-year-old just woke up my rollie-pollie 7-month-old.....

I love being a mother!


Beth said...

What a sweet post and such a great reminder to all of us moms. I have never thought of "this too shall pass" like that.

I love your rings tradition, that is just so sweet!

I hope the deviled eggs were good

Cullis Family said...

Like Beth I have never thought of "this too shall pass"in this way great reminder to enjoy every moment!

CC said...

Well spoken! You are an incredible mother! Your kids are so lucky!