Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Post

So it's been awhile since I posted anything. I don't have anything specific or exciting to tell so I'll just throw random things out.

So our stupid car broke, again. Last year we replaced the engine. Yeah, it only lasted one year. Jeremy was driving down the freeway to meet up with his aunt and just after the Kaysville exit, ka-plunk. Then he was out of town for the next week. Let me tell ya how awesome it was getting that home. No, on second thought, I won't. It makes me too frustrated. Anyway, we sold it for parts and made a whole $300 from it. So we are back to one car again.

And now it's time for random pictures....
Ally's school had a patriotic program, they sang some song, told some jokes, it was pretty cute but there were WAY too many people there.

Can ya tell he likes Thomas???? Jonas has been having evaluations. He doesn't talk much. USU has a program called "Up to 3" they send specialists to your house to evaluate to see if he is eligible for the program. He still has one more to go before we are told whether is qualifies or not. They said they are worried about his imitation. He passed his hearing test with flying colors. I really think he is just being stubborn. His milestones have always been a little behind. But I'm not completely in denial so we are getting him checked out just in case. He learned to say Ally this past weekend so progress is being made!

Let's put in another random story. Andrea went on her first field trip. They went to the Nature Walk. She came home super excited and told me all about it. I feel bad when I miss out on exciting things in their lives but I'm glad they still talk to me and involve me in things they love. Andrea also has her first loose tooth. For real this time. Ally would loose her teeth and Andrea would feel left out and show me her "loose teeth" then finally one day she told me her tooth her when she bit things. I checked it out and told her it was loose. Boy was she excited. She was convinced it was going to fall out that day. It's been a week and she still has it.

Ally lost the 2 side teeth on top so she can make a face like a beaver. Cracks me up every time.

James, I swear, is getting chubbier by the minute. He is such a happy little guy. He now is 6 months. I haven't taken him in to his check-up yet so I don't know how big he is exactly. He can now sit up all by himself and loves to babble and eat.

Allyson never calms down, okay really she does, but sometimes it feels like she doesn't. She's always climbing on something. She won the "Top Reader" award in her class. She is such an awesome reader. At parent teacher conference her teacher told me that a lot of the time Allyson will stay in a recess and read. She loves books about animals.

We took our annual Memorial Day trip to Alpine. It was pretty chilly and rained quite a bit but we still very much enjoyed being up there. Of course I forgot the camera. I packed all the things we would use for the car ride in the diaper bag, music, books, camera, toys.... and then guess the one thing I forgot. The diaper bag. I guess it could've been worse. I could've forgotten James' bag with all his diapers, clothes and food.

Jeremy's cousin dangling Andrea from the balcony.

Jeremy and I got to go on our date that has been planned for over a year. Finally! We bought tickets to the U2 concert back when it was supposed to be in June 2010 but Bono had to have back surgery and it was rescheduled. So May 24, we dropped the kids off at my parent's place and headed down to Rice Eccles Stadium. Crossing our fingers that it would NOT rain. It didn't and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. We met up with some friends afterward and had a very fun night! I love you Jeremy!

So there's some randomness for ya!


Beth said...

What fun updates! Your brood is pretty exciting! I can't wait to join you at the cabin this summer

CC said...

Thank you so much for the randomness! I miss you all so much and love hearing every little thing!