Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To the Park we go

Willow Park, that is. So, just to get the animal picture out of the way because Willow Park does have animals and you don't usually see Peacocks in full plume. Here it is.

Yeah, pretty sure he likes the swings.

And the extra super tall slide that makes my heart beat a little faster every time he climbs the super tall ladder to get to the top. Thankfully he has amazing sisters for helpers. This time it was Andie!

Ally has to get a shot of her and the wallaby, if you can't see it don't feel bad. Look closer, under that huge grey rock. She's been into all things Australia lately. I hope she keeps it up. Maybe if we win the lottery we'll take her to see her great-grandmother there. I guess you'd have to play the lottery to win it, eh. Anybody have $5,000 to spare? Me, either.

Apparently James likes the swings too.

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