Sunday, August 7, 2011

Activity Days

So Friday we had "day camp" for Activity Days. We went here. I had never been before and I fell in love with the place. It was only $4 to get it. They had free pony rides, free train rides, and taught you cool survival skills. Like building a fire with no matches and throwing hatchets. At certain times you can help milk the cows, feed the chickens and do all sorts of fun stuff.

Train ride

For an extra $2 you could have a tea party. They teach you good manners and you eat finger foods with pink lemonade. Then you play a game and make a craft. It was really fun and well worth the extra two bucks.

Pony rides

They had a building devoted to wood wrights. What is a wood wright you ask? He makes the furniture that goes inside the house, as well as smaller things like bowls and spoons.

Inside the farm house. They have no indoor plumbing and this really amazing wood burning stove. My parents have one a lot like it.

We learned about Sacagawea and went inside a teepee.

Throwing hatchets. Yup, she got it in the log. That's my girl!

Making fire

I had such a good time and would recommend it to anyone!!!

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Michael Tiffany and Tasha said...

That is awesome. I wish we were still in Logan so we could go do these things with ya. I miss you guys and loved seeing you at the cabin and in Feron.
Maybe one day we will find ourselves living up north again.