Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last Week

So we moved. It was a happy/sad move as most moves are. Still in the same town just not in the same ward. I loved my ward. And yes, it is MY ward. We had been there for 7 years. 3 of my babies were blessing in that ward. We tried to keep going to that ward, but....I guess it's kinda frowned upon. I'm sure going to miss it. The people are FANTASTIC! They are so nice, the girls have friends, Jeremy enjoyed playing basketball with the guys and once a month I got to hang out with my ladies. (I'm still going to do that, no way that's going to change)
I love the building too. It's super old. In the chapel there is a huge stained-glass window. Yes I know I shouldn't be taking pictures inside the chapel but sorry, I had to. For me.
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph Smith
 We had 9:00 church so we always had the sun shining through lighting it up. Amazingly beautiful.

Our pulpit. 
 The entire back wall is round. I guess they made it like that so the speaker's voice would carry all the way to the back of the room before they had microphones. 
This is my seat. Up in the balcony. It was so cool up there. How often do you get to sit in a balcony!

So Long 3rd ward. I will miss you terribly!


US! said...

You guys are already missed! I was sad to see the girls not in sharing time and Jonas not in nursery for singing time... You BETTER NOT skip out on girls nights! Once a 3rd warder, ALWAYS a third warder when it comes to The Ladies Crew!

Cullis Family said...

Great that you moved but such a bummer that it meant a change of wards!

Madi said...

We miss you too!!! Thank goodness your committed to comin to our ladies nights so we can see you! :)