Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Alright James, you can stop growing now. please. For mommy.

 We got to have most of Jeremy's family over for the day. It was super fun! Unfortunately the Birthday Boy was asleep for most of the time they were here so we didn't get to open presents or eat cake.
 After he woke up we opened presents. He couldn't open them very well so he resorted to eating them.
His gigantic present. It was almost as tall as he is!
Guess what it is...

A new car seat! He loves that he can see out the window.

Some of his gifts. He got a new car seat, diapers, gripz snacks, fruit, fruit snacks, 2 books, an outfit, a matchbox car, a card with money, and some blocks.

His dinner. He loves all kinds of food but the girls chose breakfast for dinner for him. 
(That's a 1 with a heart.)

His Birthday Balloon

Jen, the sweet lady that Jeremy works with made him this cake.
"Happy 1st Birthday James"

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