Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was nice and lazy! We didn’t get woken up until 8. James slept through all of opening presents. We only woke him up so we could go eat breakfast at Jeremy’s aunt Kay. (Who is actually his cousin, I think)  We made a fire to burn all the wrapping paper. I ended up suffocating it, twice. I'm usually better at fires.

Jonas got a Thomas the Tank Engine playset from Santa. Santa got it free from turning in codes on the  Huggies website. (Go Santa) Jonas absolutely loves it and is very protective of it.  

 Ally got things from Australia from Santa. They include a didgeridoo, picture, keychain, handkerchief, candy, a koala, and slippers. 

 Andie asked for a girly Xbox game. They don’t exist, so the closest Santa got was LEGO Batman. She wasn't excited at first, but warmed up and was excited about it later.

 I got Xbox Kinect. Yay me, I was super excited. 
(Knowing that would’ve made Andie’s present easier to find.) 

 James got a big wheel. You can see his excitement.

 Santa brought Jeremy a Utah State University hoodie.

 Here is James after we woke him up after we opened presents. Man was he grumpy til he got some food.

After we cleaned up some we headed over to my parents house to eat. My brother and mom made this Christmas sweater. Isn’t it the sweetest sweater ever? Even the Christmas lights light up, and you can stick things in the stockings. And David's little 'stache made it even better.

Pre-dinner table. It just looks like Christmas. There was so much good food.

 Then at 4ish all my family came over and we exchanged presents, had snacks and played games.

We love the Reason for the Season. Merry Christmas!

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