Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is when the Hunsaker side has their big meal. This year it was at my home. We got so close to having most everyone there. The Oregon clan came for Thanksgiving so they couldn’t make it again for Christmas. But it worked out conveniently enough that Luke could make it. But the whole while he was here, Jeremy was at work. Then about an hour after Luke left, Jeremy came home. We had a very yummy dinner and talked and sang and opened presents. 

Here's some pics in no particular order

Tasha Jo  

Andie opening her ornament, this year they learned how to swim. So I made these ornaments. Ally's was leaking to I added a bit more silicone and that fixed it up just right. 

Andie & Ally: beads floating in water and oil, Jonas: Thomas the tank Engine, James: glitter ball
Classic Spoon

Beck bear

 Making goals and burning them

 Gama’s dragon

 Beckett, Jayston and James playing

 Tiff got the girls Christ pictures

 Girls’ pajamas
Jonas’ pj’s


 Playing on the table

After everyone left and we cleaned up, Jonas fell asleep waiting for Santa!

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