Thursday, December 15, 2011


Jonas is a bit delayed in some milestones. He has been ever since he was born. He was a small baby only 5lb, 6oz, but was only 2 weeks early. I’m starting to wonder if they had my due date wrong the whole time. Plus he stopped breathing after he was born and they had to perform CPR. Anywho, he’s in a program called “Up to 3” that USU has. In the month of December they have family activities. On Wednesday we went bowling. Jonas had such a fun time. He would laugh every time he got to push the ball and then shout hurray every time he knocked pins down. (Which was every time, thanks to the bumpers) I thought I’d click a few pics to document the event!  

 James found a horse, I put him on it and he didn't know what to think.

Super excited Jonas found a train. 

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