Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prairie Schooner

In lieu of gift giving this year my parents opted to take their offspring and spouses out to eat. They decided to take some of us to the Prairie Schooner. I had never been before and was greatly impressed.  The atmosphere was remarkable.
 Here is our friend, apparently a member of our party wanted to be his friend a few years back and got kicked out of the restaurant for it. Needless to say that party member did not sit with him again.
 Jeremy chose prime rib with bleu cheese.

 They have stuffed animals that all wore Santa hats.

Here are my parents, Jeremy and I, my sister, Kenzie and her Jake, and my sil Laura with my bro Dan.
I’m not into eating steak. Don’t get me wrong I love meat but I’m not a fan of the steak so I chose French Dip. Mmm, so good!

Thank you much mom and dad. I had a fantastic time! 

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