Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So I’m on Pintrest and I saw this amazing picture. I’d post it but I cannot seem to find it again. Drat. Anyway, being the uncreative copy-cat I am, I tried to duplicate it. (BTW it's the last one.) It didn’t turn out nearly as well as the original (Only because her camera is uber-cool and mine is not). But I played around with my dinky camera and I am happy with the results. Someday I’ll get a nice camera, someday. Anywhooo, Enjoy!

 James and Jonas trying to eat their light

Jonas trying to blow his light out 

 Andie wasn’t feeling too swell but put up with me anyway
 Ally posing perfect for me
 This is my copycat, I thought it turned out cute. Thanks chilrens for being my little models

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Daron and Christina said...

Wow, April! It turned out really cool! I love it!