Thursday, December 1, 2011


The night before Thanksgiving James was so tired he crashed on the kitchen floor. They kept his IV in his hand so all they had to do is flush  the needle and start a new batch of "gatorade"

 Day 2 at the hospital. We got up early drop the older kids off and started the fluids about 8-8:30ish. We didn't get done until 11. I raced back to my moms to pick up the other kids so I could make it out to Honeyville and make the root beer on time. Much to my surprise Jeremy was there waiting for me! Yay!!! He was scheduled to work but got done early.

James looks drugged. He's not, he's just tired.

  And of course when you make dry ice you must pour smoke on your kids.

The girls have come to expect it.

Jonas is still nervous about it!

Then when Honeyville was done we went to my parents house. My mom's cousin and her husband are over in America from Australia so my mom invited them. It was so good to see them.

So many, many things to be thankful for. Husband, kids, siblings, in-laws, warm home, food, safety, freedom, knowledge of the gospel, job, the list is endless. Sometimes I'm afraid I take for granted my blessings. I hope I can be more aware and thankful for each one.

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