Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sickie James

My poor baby James is not feeling so hot. He can't keep fluids in him at all. The past 4 days I have gone through a lot of diapers. Then last night and twice today he's thrown up. I took him to the doctors because he wasn't acting like himself. Just laying there, half asleep. Well our doc told my he was pretty dehydrated. Dehydrated enough to go to the hospital and get an IV of fluids.

He cried a bit when they poked him but they got it in the first time.

  That little stump is his hand all wrapped up. He kept trying to pull it off or eat it.

Once it was in and anchored they put another warm blanket on him and he drifted off.
He woke up an hour and a half later not happy at all. It took about 3 hours to get the fluid in him and we need to go back Thanksgiving day to get another dosage. We got home, he had some Pedialyte, and then went to sleep for the night at 6:30. It's so sad that he's this sick but I'm loving all the naps.


Cullis Family said...

Poor James, hope he's feeling better real soon!

Madi said...

Oh poor baby! I hope he gets feelin better quick! :)

Brein said...

So sad!! Let us know when he's feeling better. Not fair for little ones to get so sick!