Sunday, March 25, 2012


We spent the day pruning, pulling, clearing, and cleaning. It was hard work but we’ve made a dent. A small one, but one nonetheless! While we (meaning Jeremy and I) did that the kids watched while enjoy the trampoline and swing set.

 James enjoying his Santa present that Jonas thinks is his.

And then we took a short break to have some eats. First BBQ of the year and man was it tasty!!!

 This isn’t outside but it happened the same day so I’m sticking it on here. Andrea has had a loose tooth for 4 months. It has been hanging on there forever. 2 weeks ago my dad tried yanking it, he didn’t have a good enough grip the first try and Andie wouldn’t allow him a second. Barbie noticed it tonight and asked if she could pull it. The answer was a firm no. But Barbie worked her magic and after 3 tries was successful. What changed her mind, you ask? Bribes. We offered her a good many things. She accepted 2. That she gets to drive Barbie’s brand new 2012 Ford Fusion this summer at the cabin, and she gets to keep Barbie’s iPad overnight and during church. Oh and Barbie mentioning that if it was painful the Tooth Fairy will bring extra money didn’t hurt either.

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