Monday, April 9, 2012

April Fools

 Who came up with this holiday anyway?!? I hated it as a kid. I would be woken up with the song "Apryl's a fool day" being sung in my face. It went all day long, every year. But it's awesomeWhy the change, you ask? Because I have children. Children old enough to get the jokes.
I suggested to Jeremy to draw facial hair on the kids while they were asleep. He wanted to use sharpie but I was a party pooper and wouldnt let him. He did the boys with Sharpie though, it came off just as easily as the washable marker. Then after he drew on all 4 faces he changed all the clocks. He then rushed into the girls room and flipped on the light and shouted Get up girls, youre late for school. Your clothes are in the car, you can dress in the van. Quick! Quick It took them til they got to the van to remember that it was Sunday, and still dark. Thats when they noticed their faces. Ally was good natured about it and laughed. Andie, on the other hand, well you can see her picture and guess what her mood was. 

 Ha ha! Unibrow
Then, after they were asleep I got their underwear and sewed them all together on one long piece of thread. Got them again! I also made Jell-O in a pitcher to make them think it was Kool-Aid. Im sure I did a few others but it was a whole 8 days ago and who can remember that long ago??


Jennifer said...

How fun! I love that you played April Fools jokes on the kids. My oldest loves it and has for the last 3 years and is always planning jokes to do weeks in advance. She makes me laugh. After seeing your post maybe I will have to get in on the action next year. Too funny!

Beth said...

You guys are so fun!

Jake ♥ Kenzie said...

I seriously don't remember the "Apryl's a fool day," which means I probably didn't join in...right?

I love Jonas' creepy eyebrows, lol.

CC said...

Love, love, love, and so glad I don't live with Jeremy! You guys rock!