Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dinosaur Park

Jeremy's sister came from Oregon to visit us Utarns and we went to the Dinosaur park.
 Ally loved the woolly rhino so much.
I guessed Andie did too. Don't let them tell you that I made the pretend to kiss the thing. It was all them and their love, I mean, who could resist?
 Andie and the top of Jonas's head in the gigantic tree that houses a slide.
 James and Ally is same slide.
 Lunch. Yum.
 Jeremy walking under a dinosaur.

 James staring down a frog. The frog won.
 Jonas found a little clubhouse just his size.
 My little caveboy
 Too, too true
 Digging for gold in the sluice.

They had to mechanical dinosaurs that moved around. Apparently James did not like them. At all.


Jennifer said...

Too fun! We stopped by there a few weeks ago, but it was closing early because a company had rented it out for a party. They did let us in free for the next 1/2 hour it was open. I was thinking we would have to go back and have a good look around. Do you think it was worth the money?

CC said...

I LOVED seeing you all so much! And you saved me several times Apryl, good thing you're such a great mom!