Tuesday, August 28, 2012

John Olaf Forsgren reunion

The kidlets and I attended the John Olaf Forsgren reunion. I learned there he has over 8000 descendants. WOW! My line starting with John Olaf is this: John Olaf, Peter Adolph, Oscar, Ruthvin Peter, Frank, Mark, me. I met with others and it was pretty neat to get to know them. John O. had 4 children that we know of. John Erik, Christina Erika, Peter Adolph, and Karl. We don't know much about Karl because he chose to not get baptized. He did visit Utah but went back to Sweden. The other 3 did. John Erik left Sweden, found the church and was baptized. He later came back and baptized his brother and sister. His brother Peter Adolph (my ancestor) was the first person baptized not only in Sweden but in all of Scandinavia. Then they all moved to the Stated and settled in Utah.
 A wonderful woman named Adele made these scroll. There were lots of them. They did need to be updated but all things considered (8000 descendants) she did an amazing job. This is my dad trying to find his name. She also had a framed picture of my grandfather and said praises to him and his dedication to the reunions that made me proud to call him my grandpa.
After the reunion we went to the home that my great-great-great-grandfather, Peter Adolph built. A sweet little family is living there and they were on vacation at the time but we are friends of theirs and they handed us the keys and said we could take everyone through.
 Look at thick the walls are!
 Super steep staircases. They weren't too bad going up but going down made me nervous. 
 A close up of the doorknob. They don't make them like that anymore!
 The door to the balcony upstairs.
 These pegs were made by Peter A.
 I thought it was so cool to see how worn the steps were in the house. 
This is the front of the house. They have fixed it up so well. Thanks Karen for letting us invade your home!
This home we didn't go through but it was built by my great-great-grandfather, Oscar. I love the look of it.

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