Monday, August 6, 2012

Frank & Hattie Hunsaker Reunion

Alpine time. I can’t seem to get enough of the place. I’ll just show lots of pictures of my adorable kids so you can oooh and aaah.
We took a trip to a place called Heisse and played around.
 Saw a moose swimming in Palisades reservoir
Reunion Time!!!!
Jonas copying Sam (Jeremy’s awesome first cousin)

 Allyson took her first trip down the Snake river. I forgot my camera so I stole this (below image) off the website that takes pictures to sell. I’m full of indiscretions, aren’t I. The night before she was very nervous, didn’t sleep very well either. She asked repeatedly if she really had to go. No, we said but how about you just put on your swimming stuff, just in case. Then it was, No you don’t have to go but how about you just ride up in the car. How about if you just sit in the boat so we can take your picture with the newspaper (above image, which also should be in this week’s paper btw). What if you sit right in the very middle and mom sits right next to you and holds your jacket the whole time. I didn’t because she was jumping in and out and having too much fun. By the end of the float she was shivering and smiling. Success!
“Montgomery Jones” 
 Jeremy’s “cousin” (she’s actually second cousin once removed) thought up this awesome idea of hooking a waterski rope to the back of a 4-wheeler so kids (and adults) could be pulled on a slip’n’slide! Ingenious, right!
Some of the Hyrum Hunsaker descendants, that’s us! 
 Jeremy’s second cousin once removed and his grandfather’s uncle.
 “The Fanginator”
 Jeremy and “Mumbles”
 Jonas won a Tupperware of army men at the raffle!


CC said...

Oooooooh. Aaaahhhh. I loved the pictures-looks like the reunion was the usual blast.

Beth said...

Great pictures, glad you had fun!