Friday, September 14, 2012


My bro-in-law called me up asking what we were up to the next day. Nothing planned, so he invited us to go boating. Bummer that his wife and my husband had to work but he brought along his good friend and between the three of us, we handled the kids. It was so much fun.
 Andie went out on the tube every chance she could. She is so brave!
Jonas, at first, was terrified all together. He would not let go of the railing of the boat unless he had a death grip on me. He warmed up and eventually went on the tube, thanks to Jake. We stopped and went swimming for a bit.
 James is more like Andie. Throws caution to the wind and does what he pleases. Scared me out of my wits a few times but he made it back on land safe and sound.
They each got a turn to drive the boat and thought that was the bee’s knees.
Thanks Jake and Josh, we had a wonderful time! (We missed you Kenz and Jeremy)


CC said...

Looks like you had a blast! Good luck with your little daredevils-they sound like true Hunsakers!

Jake ♥ Kenzie said...

So when I was watching the videos of your run out on the boat, I couldn't stop smiling, it was so fun to watch. Then my happiness turned into horror when Jake decided to give you a more bumpy ride. I'm so sorry. That was probably really scary.