Friday, September 14, 2012

For the Temple is a House of God

We had the blessed opportunity to attend the open house of the Brigham City Temple. I was so excited when I heard it announced in General Conference and have since watched the progress it has gone through to be what it is now. Soon after it was announced there was much speculation of where it would be built. It was finally decided that it would be built where the old Central school once stood. At first I was not thrilled with this idea, for two reasons. One: It would detract from the beauty of out tabernacle which stood directly across the street. Two: I would never hear the end of it from Jeremy. You see, we have this little rivalry going on with us concerning our two elementary schools. My Alma Mater being Bunderson elementary and his Central. It was joked that his got closed and torn down because of its inferiority. It was leveled and the lot stood vacant for some years. Then came the announcement that that spot would house the temple. Now he claims that his school grounds were so revered and important that only a sacred temple could take the place of the special building that was once there. Then, just to pour salt in the wounds shortly after the temple site was announced, it was announced that my school, Bunderson, was going to be closed. It has not been torn down but now has the Boys & Girls Club as well as a museum inside its walls. I have grown to love the location of the temple. I still don't agree with Jeremy's point of view. A lot is a lot, it doesn't matter what was there before, right?! Sometimes I feel like I'm losing this battle of the elementary schools. No one can take my love away from my wonderful school and that's what makes me feel like I'm winning at times. But this post isn't about our schools it's about the temple.
(Photo taken by Ron Stoker)
It is gorgeous, elegant, and sacred. It was so peaceful walking through was my family. We talked about the temple as a family and explained what we could about what goes on inside to our daughters. I was so neat to walk through and say now this is where we do baptisms for the dead. This is where you and your husband will be sealed together forever. These are called the forever mirrors. To see the look of understanding on their faces of how important the temple really is. My favorite though was James. As soon as he saw the sparkling chandeliers he could not take his eyes off them. He even pointed at them for most of the time. I also loved the pictures. Most of the pictures hanging were painting to look like Box Elder County. I don't know if they are specific spots in the county but they sure looked like home. 
We weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside of the temple but I found this link that shows some of the rooms. I'm so excited and feel so blessed to live so close to the temple. I thought I was lucky to have 2 temples 1/2 hour away but now I have one I can walk to. I testimony of temples and the sacred importance they have. I am Apryl, and I am a mormon. 

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CC said...

Beautiful post Apryl. I won't sully it by mentioning how awesome Central school was and how I just may have to agree with my brother on this one-I told Denver the same stuff when I learned where the temple was to be built. In fact, I say it to anyone who will listen. Must be a Hunsaker thing. J/K. You could say they had to build a temple there or write the lot off forever because it was so tainted from our presence-only something as pure as a temple could cleanse the grounds...