Friday, September 14, 2012


Summer vacation is over. Boo! I love summer vacation. I can sleep in til 8:30. No grumbling in the mornings, no trying to help kids figure out what they are going to wear so they can be “poplier”, no whining about “she never has homework, I always do every day. Always”  No working my schedule around pick-up time. I love having my girls home. Not only are they fun to talk to but they help out around the house too. Especially with the boys. But alas, summer vacation must end. My children must get educations, contrary to Andrea’s belief. She cracks me up. Allyson started 3rd grade. She has an amazing teacher, Mrs. Nelson, that came and visited us clear back in June. Andrea’s teacher, Mrs. Romer, is excellent. Both girls have nothing but nice things to say about their teachers. I love when that happens. That hasn’t ever not happened, not yet. I hope it stays that way.
And so school commences. 
Jonas started a week and a half after the girls. He goes to the Early Learning Center out in Corinne. He absolutely loves it. He rides the bus to and from and gets so excited when it drives down our street to pick him up. His teacher is Ms. Emily, who is super sweet. He is learning so much so quickly.


CC said...

Can't believe how old the kids are all gettting! They are sooo cute!

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