Friday, September 14, 2012

Labor Day

This year for Labor day we skipped town and headed to our favorite spot. You guessed it, Alpine! Not a whole lot pictures taken but I made sure to get some of the stair slide. If you did not have a stair slide as a kid you did not really have a childhood. Okay you really did but you missed out. It started out as just a slick sleeping back but it quickly improved.
 We added pillows in between each stair, covered those with blankets, covered the blankets with slick sleeping bags, and then to top it all off added a mattress at the bottom of the stairs. Yeah, it rocked!
 Andie, our little daredevil, went head first!
But then Andie went and got her head stuck in between the railing on the balcony. Luckily we got her out without the use of an aide. (i.e. Crisco, butter)


Jake ♥ Kenzie said...

LOL!!! The pic of Andie with her head stuck is priceless! Love it!

CC said...

AWESOME!!! Except of course for Andie getting her head stuck.