Friday, September 14, 2012

Peach Days

I think I have a love/hate relationship with Peach Days. I love it because it brings parades with candy, booths galore, yummy food, walking in the middle of the road without fear of getting hit by a car, rides, and seeing friends you haven’t seen in a while. Just lots of fun stuff. It brings back memories of good times I have had at Peach days. Unfortunately it also brings lots and lots and lots of people. That makes the traffic scary and crowds. Such big crowds. It’s hard to push a double stroller through those crowds while making sure my older girls are still following and have not been distracted by something fancy. Some people are so sweet and make room while others glare, making me feel like I should just go home. I like the booths too much to go home. Doing all this solo is hard. Friday night Jeremy had the awesome opportunity to go to the UTE/USU football game. USU won and I contribute that to Jeremy’s attendance. Go Aggies! Then the next night he had to work. Peach Days also brings saving spots. I miss the days where you could just show up Saturday morning 15 minutes before the parade started and sit wherever. Now we need to show up hours before you can even save a spot to make sure you have a spot. My family of 9 growing up sure has expanded and to have a spot that fits all of us needs saving. Instead of 9 people we have anywhere from 30-35 people. I hate the negativity that always comes with it. Alright, I am off my soapbox now, sorry about that. Time for the love!
Friday, Beth and her kids came up. We went to the Jr. parade, ate some food and had a fun time. She also took my girls on the carousel. Such an awesome aunt!
Saturday was the big parade. Here is my bro Dan and his son Cody in for the Search & Rescue
 My sis Tabitha made this float for her family’s business, the next few pics are just floats I thought were cool
Jonas hates loud noises so Dad plugged his ear for him while the sirens went off
We had lunch after the parade at my sister’s house so we could celebrate her daughter’s birthday. Then we visited Jeremy at the SleepBetter Institute open house. Then we went through booths. Ally bought a very cute pocket watch and oriental fan. Andie bought slime, a duck that lights up, and a sword that lights up. Andie, all day Friday and Saturday asked over and over about going on rides. After going through booths she still had most of her earned money left so she and Ally went in together and got tickets to go on rides. Andie chose the back seat of dragon ride. Allyson was NOT thrilled by that. I felt sorry for her but not sorry enough to giggle at the look of panic on her face. I know, I shouldn’t have laughed by I knew she was safe. After the ride she got after Andie by telling her that Andie knew she was afraid of heights so why did she pick the back seat? I thought that was a bit funny too, because that ride is only about 6 feet off the ground. Poor Ally. She chose the carousel for her ride and loved every second of it. 
The boys were getting pretty tired but stayed pretty happy most of the time.

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CC said...

Gotta love sisters! And you're a super fantastic mother BECAUSE you laughed at your daughter. At least, that's what I say cuz I do it all the time! Wish we could've been there-you could have saved a seat for us too!!