Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day!

We started out our Christmas celebrations Saturday morning when Jeremy's sister, Kristi, and her family knocked on our door. This was a big surprise because they live in Oregon and we had already mailed off their presents, knowing that they weren't going to be able to come this year. They kept it a secret and drove straight from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. We spent the whole day with Jeremy's family, just talking and catching up. Christmas Eve is when they have their big meal. It was so good!

We open new pajamas and ornaments every Christmas Eve. This year Allyson got Tinkerbell pajamas and Andie got Disney princess pjs. Both came with robes! Jeremy got XBox pajama pants and I got polka dot ones. Ally got monkey scissors as an ornament to symbolize that wild monkey that she is and to remind her that this was the year she chopped off all her hair. Andie's ornament was Rainbow Brite because she was Rainbow Brite for Halloween. Jeremy and I share ornaments and we got a raft because we go down the river every year. He's been going for at least 22 years!

We then exchanged presents. Quinton and Kali had Allyson and Andrea. They got Disney princess coloring stuff. They love it! Jeremy got a Chuck Norris facts book, I got essential oil for my prego belly and we both got a gift card for the movies, thanks Beth and Gabe! Then Lori gave each of her kids a photo album of pictures she had. It was fun to look at all the different pictures to see who got what pictures. They are so amazing, thank you so much Lori!

Then as a present to their mom, the 5 Hunsaker siblings sing and dance the 12 Days of Christmas together. They all learned it in the same preschool they went to. I took video of it and only Gabe promised not to share his video with everyone but I'll not share either, for you Kristi.

No they are not fighting, they're actually sharing. Yup, they are pretty good at sharing, with each other at least. Gabe and Beth got each family a book, they are opening it together.

Then it was time to get going. We drove home via the Felt's house to see all of his decorations.
He elaborately decorates his house with wood cutouts of Disney characters, it's slowly starting to spill into his neighbors' yards because he has so much. They we were going to drive out to Perry because we heard there was a house that had a light show. You tune your radio to a certain frequency and the lights corresponded to the music. I was getting really excited to see it but they we realized that neither one of us knew exactly where it was. Maybe next year. We drove home, sent the girls to bed, and Jeremy and I watched "The Family Man". We got that our first Christmas together. We both fell asleep during it though.

The next morning, thankfully our girls are late sleepers (they didn't get up til about 9), we opened presents.

Ally opening a coat, one of the many presents she got.

Andie is opening the swim Barbie she got from Allyson. I took them each out separately to buy gifts for the other. They both bought each other Barbies.

Jeremy with some of the presents he got. We didn't get each other much because we are going to Mexico for New Years.

Andie with her presents, man she really loves that Barbie. She asked Santa for a real doll. She got a Baby Alive. (Yes, that's it hiding behind everything else. It's been 3 days and it's still in it's package)

Allyson with her presents. She asked for Barbie and the Christmas Carol movie, (she watched that later in the day) and a real doll too. There's Baby Alive leaning against the other toys. She really liked her Barbie as well but she did have me open her baby later that day. She brought it to my mom and left it there. It's been there since. She did name it Sarah so that shows she is attached to it, right?

Then it was off to my mom's for Christmas lunch. This was taken before everything was on the table.
Here we are hanging out and chatting while we wait for all of us to get a chance to talk to David.

At four o'clock my little brother called home from his mission and got to talk a few minutes with each of us. We miss him very much but are proud of him and his choice to serve a mission. After we talked with David we exchanged presents. Jeremy got a gnome that is motion activated and says funny things, thanks Davies. I got Apples to Apples the game, thanks Forsgrens. Ally got a Littlest Pet Shop animal and an Easy Bake oven (I'm excited to try that out). Andrea got a Littlest Pet Shop animal, books and a princess pencil holder, both thanks to the Davies. We then proceeded downstairs to the big TV and played a game from "The Office" that Micah got for Christmas. We had tons of fun that day!


Kymn and Tabs said...

how come I never get invited to dinners? WHATEVER! looks like you had a good Christmas, you didn't show any pictures of you though...what did you get from Santa???

Julie said...

LOVE the Schrute (spelling?) Farm Beets shirt! Are you guys Office fans?